Help & FAQ's

  • If at any time you need assistance with meals, please send us an email at
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  • You must order a minimum of 4 regular meals from the "Choose Your Meals" page to be complete an order and be eligible for pickup (or 1 take and bake meal) - OR - 6 of the small meals (8oz and half sizes)



  • How do I order my meals? Add at least 4 regular meals to your cart - OR - 6 smaller 8oz & half meals. Select a pickup location. Pickup your order at the designated time and place you choose on the following Monday.
  • What are order cut off times? You must have your order placed by midnight on Thursday for your order to be ready the following Monday.
  • Where can I pickup my meals? You can pick them up at Real Roots cafe, or one of the other locations available. You decide.
  • I'm low carb, what are my options? Since all of our meals are plant-based, they are higher in healthy carbohydrates. We do offer a substitution of quinoa for rice in some of our meal options.
  • How much food is in each meal? All of the meals are served in 24 oz containers and offer a generous amount of food to keep you full (exception, 8oz containers). They contain a balance of whole foods to help you get all your macro and micro nutrients you need in a day.
  • How long are my meals good? your meals have a 6 day fridge life, although we recommend consuming all your meals within 5 days for peak quality. It is your job to keep them cold once you receive them. If you let them get room temperature before making it to a fridge, you will reduce their shelf life.
  • Are these containers microwaveable? yes, all the containers can go into the microwave.